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rulingruling2 adjective [only before noun]  1 PGGOVERENMENTthe ruling group in a country or organization is the group that controls it A ruling class clearly existed. the ruling body of American golf2 DLHINTERESTEDa ruling interest or emotion interests someone more than anything else Football remains the ruling passion of many men.
Examples from the Corpus
rulingRuling class power Westergaard and Resler argue that the maintenance of inequalities of wealth is due to the power of the ruling class.A single ruling class will still emerge, but a plurality of interests can make themselves felt within it.Read the extract on p. 16 concerning the ruling class.the struggle between the workers and the ruling classesOn Dec. 29 Eitan's right-wing nationalist Tsomet Party formally withdrew from the ruling coalition.This may result in conflict between the ruling minority and the rest of society.Those in favour included both the ruling New Democracy and the opposition socialist Pasok.In July he saw his party make history when it won the first governorship conceded by the ruling party in 60 years.The ruling party is confident of winning the election.The crisis sparked after the ruling party rushed through revisions of the labor and national security laws in a semi-secret parliamentary session.the ruling partyruling bodyAs leader for nine years, he had an automatic place on the ruling body.A fee was paid to the ruling body and in the early years these were very low indeed.But in a surprise move Short and Kasparov snubbed the ruling body and rejected the offer.Governor Chris Patten plans to boost voters' rights to make most of the colony's ruling body elected by 1995.The historical hostility to commercialism among the ruling bodies of sport is indisputable.There are 4 major ruling bodies running judo.The game's ruling body, the International Board, are monitoring the situation on a regular basis.