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sovereignsovereign2 ●○○ adjective  1 PGhaving the highest power in a countrysovereign power/control2 PGINDEPENDENT COUNTRY OR ORGANIZATIONa sovereign country or state is independent and governs itself
Examples from the Corpus
sovereignthe sovereign authority of the Supreme CourtHence parliament is not fully sovereign but is subordinate to the constitution and the values enshrined by it.The sovereign courts' traditional preeminence within the government was vanishing too.New agencies and new officials were created to discharge political and economic duties formerly assigned to the sovereign courts.They enthroned Bao Dai as a sovereign emperor but continued to run his regime.Banks also make other currency advances to traders, multinational corporations and sovereign governments.Decolonization was associated with the spread of ideologies of national self-determination and ultimately the near-universality of the sovereign nation-state.The Hopi tribe asserted their rights as a sovereign nation.The government, however, refused to countenance demands for a sovereign national conference.We fully recognize France's sovereign power in that area.It was a number of years before Canada was accepted by the world as a sovereign state.The 1648 Treaty of Westphalia saw its dismemberment and division into more than 300 individual and sovereign states and principalities.The U.S. said it could not negotiate on behalf of other sovereign states.sovereign power/controlThe exhibition begins in the Dark Ages with early king-making ceremonies and symbols of sovereign power.Ultimately, an effective greenhouse treaty will need the voluntary co-operation of sovereign powers.The Zuwaya image seems correct: there was no internal sovereign power, at any rate up to about 1875 or so.