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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstate of emergencyˌstate of eˈmergency noun (plural states of emergency) [countable]  PGwhen a government gives itself special powers in order to try to control an unusually difficult or dangerous situation, especially when this involves limiting people’s freedom After declaring a state of emergency, the government arrested all opposition leaders.
Examples from the Corpus
state of emergencyAs rebel forces loyal to Nabiyev approached the capital, a state of emergency was imposed on Oct. 22.Gorbachev threatened to declare a state of emergency throughout Moldavia.Low power California's power crisis worsened as blackouts began and the governor declared a state of emergency.By last night, five municipalities had declared a state of emergency.Fife Symington declared a state of emergency, effective immediately.declaring ... state of emergencyThe government responded to the outbreak of violence by declaring a state of emergency in Bangkok and four surrounding provinces.