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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstatehoodstate‧hood /ˈsteɪthʊd/ noun [uncountable]  1 COUNTRY/NATIONthe condition of being an independent nation2 PGthe condition of being one of the states that make up a nation such as the USachieve/obtain/gain statehood Utah obtained statehood in 1896.
Examples from the Corpus
statehoodGreat-grandma came to southwest Iowa sometime just after statehood.Millions of acres around Arizona were set aside at statehood and must be sold or leased for maximum gain to benefit education.When Maine attained statehood in 1820, much of the interior was unsettled.Thus could economic statehood be achieved for the economic union.This ended in a quixotic campaign for statehood.First there is the fact of statehood, with the implied acceptance of law and order by the people.In 1920 the Treaty of Sevres recognised the Kurdish right to statehood.achieve/obtain/gain statehoodThe people of both territories had been actively battling for the preceding eighteen years to gain statehood.