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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsummitsum‧mit /ˈsʌmɪt/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 PGan important meeting or set of meetings between the leaders of several governments the European summit The two presidents agreed to hold a summit in the spring. a five-nation summit meetingsee thesaurus at meeting2 DNSGthe top of a mountainpeaksummit of Many people have now reached the summit of Mount Everest.3 the summit of something
Examples from the Corpus
summitNATO leaders are preparing for a summit conference to decide the future of the alliance.A summit meeting of OPEC leaders was called to find a solution to the oil crisis.At the moment the annual summit is little more than an expensive talking shop.In the distance we could see the snow-covered summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.The President will meet other Pacific Rim leaders at next week's economic summit.a national education summitThe Helsinki summit, arranged at very short notice, dealt almost exclusively with the specific issue of a major regional conflict.The world's first internet summit has been cancelled because of lack of interest.The White House announced that some commitments from the private sector already have been made as part of summit preparations.A U.S.-Russia summit is expected to take place in late March.a U.S.-Russian summitIt took the climbers four hours to reach the summit.Climber assistant editor Tom Prentice and leader Keith Milne reached the summit of the 6,904m mountain after 13 days.The sun was going down and it was in a warm twilight that they reached the summit of their climb.Four Dopplemayr chairlifts take you up from the hotel at 2,000m to the summit at 3,000m.Go north along the lower edge of the fence, around the hillside and up the main path north-east to the summit.We took a small train to the summit of Pike's Peak.a trip to the summit of Pike's Peakhold ... summitHe said he hoped that the two countries would strengthen relations and hold a summit meeting at least once a year.