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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtown planningˌtown ˈplanning noun [uncountable]  SSPGthe study of the way towns work, so that roads, houses, services etc can be provided as effectively as possibletown planner noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
town planningIt is strong in technological subjects and has an important department of architecture and town planning.This novel and distinctive economic backcloth to the inter-war years had a number of important consequences for town planning.They excelled in and developed the arts of building, of engineering and of town planning.The notion of town planning and its profession of technically qualified practitioners inevitably stood to be beneficiaries in this context.The discipline and profession of town planning became a beneficiary of this wider frame of social concern.The basis for statutory town planning was changed in the Town and Country Planning Act, 1932.Britain remained wedded to its Unwin-esque traditions in housing design and layout and to the statutory town planning which we have described.Increasingly, the town planning movement came to be dominated by an institutionalized professional ideology.