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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrusteeshiptrust‧ee‧ship /trʌsˈtiːʃɪp/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]BF the job of being a trustee2 [uncountable]PG the responsibility for governing an area, which is given to a country or countries by the United Nations
Examples from the Corpus
trusteeshipIn a trusteeship a lower or subordinate body like a District Council loses for a time the right of self. government.In 1988, Giuliani filed his suit, seeking a trusteeship of the Teamsters Union.The outcome was that the concept of trusteeship was played down: the agreement concentrated on the creation of a provisional government.It is clear that Williams v Singer and Archer-Shee v Baker represent two inroads into the separate nature of trusteeship.Bodies wishing to be consulted must leave the umbrella committee established to coordinate activity against the Moscow decision on trusteeship.Kim Ku was ambitious for power and discerned the opportunities created by the controversy over trusteeship.Under the trusteeship system of the United Nations, visiting missions were sent to Tanganyika regularly to report on the situation there.