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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishVIPVIP /ˌviː aɪ ˈpiː/ noun [countable]  PG (very important person) someone who is very famous or powerful and is treated with special care and respect They treated us like VIPs. We were given VIP treatment.
Examples from the Corpus
VIPThere were famous faces and VIPs everywhere.Lots of conventions, banquets, and so on we have to cover, Art. VIPs and Brass.Then they see the size of the crowd or the famous VIP arriving and they are overwhelmed with terror.This sherry treatment is not merely for VIPs.Skyriders get treated like VIPs from the moment they check in.The First Lady is expected to be among the many VIPs attending tonight.Only VIPs and foreign diplomatic missions are given permission to utilise such dishes.Select Gold provides access to VIP facilities such as separate entrances, a clubroom and pre show information pack.Preferential telephone service can be given to VIP guests.VIP treatmentHe was given VIP treatment and was besieged by the media.He may never appreciate the VIP treatment he is getting.