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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaspectas‧pect /ˈæspekt/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun  1 [countable]PART one part of a situation, idea, plan etc that has many partsaspect of Dealing with people is the most important aspect of my work. Alcoholism affects all aspects of family life.2 [countable]DIRECTION the direction in which a window, room, front of a building etc faces a south-facing aspect3 EXPRESSION ON somebody'S FACE[singular, uncountable] literary the appearance of someone or something The storm outside gave the room a sinister aspect.4 [countable, uncountable]SLG technical the form of a verb in grammar that shows whether an action is continuing, or happens always, again and again, or once ‘He sings’ differs from ‘He is singing’ in aspect.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesan important/significant aspectA person’s nationality is an important aspect of their identity.a key aspect (=a very important aspect)There have been changes in five key aspects of education.a positive aspectDescribe some of the positive aspects of technological development.negative aspectWe have to consider tourism’s negative aspects.a worrying/disturbing aspectThe worrying aspect is that it gets worse every year.the technical/practical/financial etc aspectsThe technical aspects of the movie were incredible.a striking aspectThis is one of the most striking aspects of life in Tokyo.verbsdeal with an aspectInternational banks have departments to deal with this aspect of trade.look at/consider/examine an aspectManagers were asked to look at every aspect of their work.discuss an aspectPolice are reluctant to discuss any aspect of the investigation.concentrate/focus on an aspectAccountants often concentrate on one aspect of accounting.cover all aspects of somethingThe training course covers all aspects of business.NOUN + aspectthe safety/security aspectthe safety aspect of nuclear power generationthe health/business/money etc aspectthe health aspects of chemical accidentsI’m not very interested in the business aspect.
Examples from the Corpus
aspectNot all aspects of the term are explored as this would require a separate chapter in its own right.When everything turns green, the countryside presents a truly beautiful aspect.Chris is dealing with the commercial aspects of this ambitious project.By the early seventies the firm was employing over 1,000 operatives covering every aspect of building works.Consequently, this concept prompts Melville to emphasize the importance of contrasts in every aspect of life.The country was on the brink of war, and fear and uncertainty permeated every aspect of daily life.Since inequality is a natural aspect of society, it is foolish and even dangerous to seek egalitarianism.How we are going to pay for it is one aspect we haven't discussed yet.Their choice depends upon their criteria for work and whether the pay aspect is important to them.Apart from the physical aspects, if premises are held on a lease there are legal implications, too.This book deals with the economic, social, and religious aspects of Egyptian society.The inspectors will examine health and safety aspects at the plant.We're focused on the financial, rather than social, aspects of the problem.The popular health movement also looks at health in a holistic way - the physical, mental and spiritual aspects.Court of Appeals judges considered the bias issue and also raised concerns about technical aspects of Jackson's ruling.Women are interested in the car's technological aspects just as much as men are.aspect ofShe was active in many aspects of campus life.