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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcausalcaus‧al /ˈkɔːzəl $ ˈkɒː-/ adjective  1 CAUSErelating to the connection between two things, where one causes the other to happen or existcausecausal relationship/link/factor etc a causal relationship between unemployment and crime2 SLG technical a causal conjunction, such as ‘because’, introduces a statement about the cause of somethingcausally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
causalAny one pair of these elements can be causal, and these relationships may change within the period being measured.To take a causal circumstance as having no redundancy is obviously to exclude things wholly irrelevant to the effect.However, these data combine spontaneous and induced abortions and thus reflect different causal phenomena.That would entail the existence of causal relations between such persons, in all their physical complexity, and the divine being.Motivation is therefore a causal relationship between effort expended, the performance attained and the reward related to the performance.A word such as because makes an outright claim of a causal relationship between one idea and another.These findings add considerable weight to the claims that emotional arousal is of causal significance to relapse.The objection, again, is that we do not in our standard causal thinking have or use such an idea.causal relationship/link/factor etcIn other words it enables one to modify the artificially simplistic notion of clear-cut dependent and independent variables having one-way causal links.Indeed, the two have a causal relationship.The Synagogue and communal agencies, as has already been pointed out, should have a direct causal relationship.On the one hand, there were those who argued for a simple causal relationship between education and security in the labour-market.Indicate your views about the likely causal relationship between these two variables by selecting the appropriate percentages in each case.These are not experimental because no causal factor is assumed to be operating in the survey situation.The material causal links may not always be readily perceivable, but they are there all the same.Instead, when fully understood, the apparent contradiction may reveal a new causal factor that was not considered before.