1 adjective

comparative comfort/freedom/wealth etc

comfort etc that is quite good when compared to how comfortable, free, or rich etc something or someone else is [= relative]:
After a lifetime of poverty, his last few years were spent in comparable comfort.
She didn't want to leave the comparative safety of the shelter.

comparative study/analysis etc

a study etc that involves comparing something to something else:
a comparative study of the US and British steel industries

comparative beginner/newcomer etc

someone who is not really a beginner etc, but who seems to be one when compared to other people who have lived or worked somewhere for a long time:
After living here five years, we're still considered comparative newcomers.

comparative figures/data

comparative figures etc are similar to other figures, so that you can make a comparison:
Comparative figures for last year clearly show how sales have declined.
5SLG technical the comparative form of an adjective or adverb shows an increase in size, quality, degree etc when it is considered in relation to something else. For example, 'bigger' is the comparative form of 'big', and 'more slowly' is the comparative form of 'slowly' [↪ superlative]

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