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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcomplexcom‧plex1 /ˈkɒmpleks $ ˌkɑːmˈpleks◂/ ●●○ W2 AWL adjective  1 COMPLICATEDconsisting of many different parts and often difficult to understand syn complicated opp simple a complex system of highways Photosynthesis is a highly complex process. Peter seemed to have an instant understanding of the most complex issues. It was a very complex relationship between two complex people.see thesaurus at complicated2 SLG technical a complex word or sentence contains a main part and one or more other partscompound
Examples from the Corpus
complexThe chemical processes involved in the experiment are extremely complex.Alcohol is actually much more complex.Yet not only was the urban population rapidly increasing, it was becoming ever more complex and articulate.The issues here are complex and evolving.During the past decade fundraisers' search for new donors has been increasingly complex and expensive.And as I mentioned earlier, the social laws are more complex and less certain than the natural ones.It is for building more and more complex bodies.So the simplest explanation is the one that can include the whole range of complex elements within one integral and harmonious scheme.Few people understand the complex issues of environmental science.a complex mathematical formulaThere is a complex network of roads connecting the two cities.a complex personalityThe seminar focuses on the complex relationship between government, the military, and the media.Of course this is not necessarily the case in a more complex setting such as memory for driving situations.highly complexTechnology transfer is highly complex and often misunderstood.Some of the problems are highly complex and unique in that lives are at stake depending on their successful resolution.The Aborigines have a highly complex civilization, one that has existed for 60,000 years.All the evidence points to dreaming being a highly complex cognitive activity.The establishment of a new political system based on law was a highly complex matter and needed careful consideration, he said.However, most of these methods paid insufficient attention to the highly complex nature of landscape values, while overemphasizing scenic attractiveness.Social psychology is clearly another large and highly complex topic.But the components for Worldwide Plaza were already highly complex when they arrived on site.