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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfinitefi‧nite /ˈfaɪnaɪt/ ●○○ AWL adjective  1 LIMIThaving an end or a limit opp infinite the Earth’s finite resources2 technicalSLG a finite verb form shows a particular time. ‘Am’, ‘was’, and ‘are’ are examples of finite verb forms, but ‘being’ and ‘been’ are not opp non-finite
Examples from the Corpus
finiteThe speed at which light travels is finite.The finite age of the universe is measured in proper time.How can an infinite intelligence and life everlasting exist within finite bounds?Rising expectations are driving up demand for gasoline, a finite commodity.A straight, uniform and finite line has symmetry about its midpoint.The earth has a finite number of resources which we must protect.Oil is a finite resource.But the algorithm is the same finite set of instructions no matter how big the numbers.At any one moment, there is a definite and finite set of possible futures for elementary particles.Then he took account of the finite size of the planets and treated them as spheres.finite resourcesSocial evolution without ecological reference is ultimately a logical impossibility in a world of finite resources.This indeed has been the case ever since self-replicating molecular assemblages evolved to exploit finite resources.However, given finite resources, concepts of effectiveness and efficiency must be considered alongside concepts of need.The habitat of an animal population offers only finite resources for its use.