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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfuturefu‧ture1 /ˈfjuːtʃə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective [only before noun]  1 FUTURElikely to happen or exist at a time after the present We are now more able to predict future patterns of climate change. We’ve been able to save this land from development and preserve it for future generations. the debate over the future development of the European Unionfuture wife/husband/son-in-law etc (=someone who will be your wife, husband, son-in-law etc)2 technicalSLG the form of a verb used for talking about things that are going to happen the future tense3 for future reference
Examples from the Corpus
futureHe's an extremely talented football player -- he could well be a future captain of England.It was then that Milstead took the first steps toward a future career in law enforcement.He can use stock motifs and patterns and superfluous work can be retained to cater for future demand.But Fujisaki ruled that future earnings were an acceptable concept in the law.The company is building apartment buildings for future employees.It is our duty to preserve our culture for future generations.In addition, various factors may interfere with development or future health.The time and place for future meetings has not been revealed.The miners then sell the gold at prevailing rates, and use the future output to pay back the central banks.We're getting together to talk about future plans for the show.Before the scandal erupted, Grieg was talked about as a future presidential candidate.In future years some of you will regret the decision you have made today.future generationsOr a weapon to be used against future generations?The antis say it's an atomic eyesore ... a dangerous heirloom to leave future generations.This is self-explanatory and is needed for comparison purposes both between organizations and between the needs of present and future generations.We in turn modify the field for our future generations.We need your help to save the past for future generations.Many fascinating sites and buildings would otherwise be lost for present and future generations to enjoy.You will play your part in helping to preserve a distinctive beer style for future generations to enjoy.It is a cautionary tale for future generations, told well.