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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmodifiermod‧i‧fi‧er /ˈmɒdəfaɪə $ ˈmɑːdɪfaɪər/ noun [countable]  technicalSLG a word or group of words that gives additional information about another word. Modifiers can be adjectives (such as ‘fierce’ in ‘the fierce dog’), adverbs (such as ‘loudly’ in ‘the dog barked loudly’), or phrases (such as ‘with a short tail’ in ‘the dog with a short tail’).
Examples from the Corpus
modifierYou will need to think carefully about modifiers for wearing a mask.Or between a misplaced modifier and a logical sentence.There are no dangling participles or misplaced modifiers.And very often an indefinite article possibly with some er a noun phrase with some modifier.In these, the modifier is the selector, and hence presupposes certain traits of the head.The child in due course in new contexts uses the modifier with substantives, thereby expressing his desires more clearly.Normal saving throw modifiers apply: -2 at short range and -1 at long range.