Sense: 1-5
Origin: Old English mod 'mind, courage'
Sense: 6
Date: 1500-1600
Origin: mode


mood S3 W3

way you feel

[countable] the way you feel at a particular timeCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
in a good mood (=happy) in a bad mood (=angry) in a foul mood (=in a very bad mood) in a confident/optimistic mood in a holiday/party/festive mood put somebody in a good/bad etc mood (=make someone feel happy, angry etc) get into the mood (=start to feel that you are ready and want to do something) mood of confidence/optimism/despair/gloom etc the general mood (=among a group of people) the mood of the time/moment somebody's mood changes mood swings (=sudden big changes in someone's mood) lighten somebody's mood (=make someone happier) reflect/capture somebody's mood (=show what someone is feeling)
You're in a good mood this morning!
The manager was in a foul mood and was shouting at everyone.
The players are all in a confident mood.
What kind of mood is she in today?
The good weather put him in an excellent mood for breakfast.
It usually takes me a couple of days to get into the holiday mood.
The mood of the crowd was unpredictable.
the growing mood of confidence in East-West relations
the general mood of depression in the office
Why had her mood changed so dramatically?
a mental disorder characterized by severe mood swings
The weather did little to lighten their mood.
The movie accurately reflects the mood of the time .

be in a mood

to feel unhappy, impatient, or angry and to refuse to speak normally to other people:
He's been in a real mood all day.
Don't talk to her. She's in one of her moods (=used about someone who is often unhappy, angry etc).

be/feel in the mood for something

to feel that you would like to do something:
We really felt in the mood for a party.
I don't want to talk about it now. I'm not in the mood.

be in no mood for something/to do something

to not want to do something, or be determined not to do something:
I was in no mood for a joke.
George was in no mood to be sociable.

way a place or event feels

[singular] the way that a place, event, book, film etc seems or makes you feel:
The opening shot of dark, rainy streets sets the mood for the whole film.


[countable] technicalSLG one of the sets of verb forms in grammar: the indicative (=expressing a fact or action), the imperative (=expressing a command), the interrogative (=expressing a question) or the subjunctive (=expressing a doubt or wish)

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