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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpredicatepred‧i‧cate1 /ˈpredɪkət/ noun [countable]  SLG technical the part of a sentence that makes a statement about the subject, such as ‘swim’ in ‘Fish swim’ and ‘is an artist’ in ‘She is an artist’subject
Examples from the Corpus
predicateThe condition is a predicate which is true of just those states N that the action can be applied to.In addition to pronouns and agreeing predicates, person or participant-role is marked in various other ways.Existence predicates are prime instruments for making such claims explicit.Usually, conceptual clusterers employ the natural hierarchy of predicates directly, and make no mention of a metric.The natural rules for this task have conditions which also include the predicate which checks that two things are different.This predicate is sometimes given in terms of an entity which occurs in goal states and not in others.A state of the blocks world is portrayed as an assertion, formed with predicate symbols.