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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuffixsuf‧fix /ˈsʌfɪks/ noun [countable]  SLAa letter or letters added to the end of a word to form a new word, such as ‘ness’ in ‘kindness’ or ‘ly’ in ‘suddenly’affix, prefix
Examples from the Corpus
suffixYiddish characteristically uses a suffix that connotes endearment and familiarity.These include code reduction functions, prefix and suffix operations, scatter operations and data sorting.The difference is that concord particles precede the verb, whereas-5 is an inflectional suffix on the verb.The committee said as many as 28 organizations worldwide would be selected by lottery to register addresses with the new suffixes.The discovery of sign suffix effects is a further part of the jigsaw of sign processing effects.The word is usefully, with the suffix -ly in a different colour.So the -tu suffix is added to the man.Not all collections of numbers or functions labelled with suffixes necessarily form tensors.