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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvariantvar‧i‧ant /ˈveəriənt $ ˈver-/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 DIFFERENTsomething that is slightly different from the usual form of somethingvariant of/on This game is a variant of netball. a variant on the typical Hollywood hero2 technicalSLG a slightly different form of a word or phrase spelling variants in British and American Englishvariant adjective a variant form of the word
Examples from the Corpus
variantThe English and Americans often spell words differently, but both variants are acceptable.The exercises and role play make useful and interesting variants on the usual task-based instruction.The name Lloyd and its variant Floyd are Celtic in origin.There is evidence that a new variant of the disease has recently been found in Britain.The pattern displayed here incorporates variation, but notice that the distribution of variants is rule-governed.A study of these emendations reveals countless examples of the replacement of one stylistic variant by another.In Chapter 6 the variant known as the arbitrage pricing model will be presented.There are two variants of this.variant of/onA variant of the suggestion is that the Sun has a pulsar as a companion.The communitarian variant of this type of criticism is related.Within a few years four species of Plasmodium had been recognized, responsible for clinically distinct variants of malaria.The final variant on provision for cyclists occurs in areas where streets are relatively narrow and pass predominantly through housing districts.Are they distinct forms of the verb or simply variants of a single verb form - the infinitive?Beyond that, variants of it can be found almost everywhere because it fits the other precepts of Centralism so perfectly.The first two variants of the model imply that their marginal disutility of leisure is very high after the first period.