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Topic: Groupings

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgroupinggroup‧ing /ˈɡruːpɪŋ/ noun  1 APM[countable] a number of people, things, or organizations that do something together or have the same interests, qualities, or featuresgrouping of a grouping of eight opposition partiespolitical/social/economic etc grouping During this period the family unit becomes the natural social grouping. a loose grouping (=informal and not well organized) of anti-capitalist protesters2 [uncountable] the act of putting people or things into groups the grouping of students by ability
Examples from the Corpus
groupingThe Council of the African Synod is a grouping of bishops from 16 African nations.The Cashmere grouping of businesses generated excellent figures in total helped by a cashmere volume increase of around 30%.Apart from their conceit, these diverse yet inter-dependent groupings share a statist conception of antiracism.There were twenty-eight different groupings of four words each.Hospitals are often composed of groupings based around particular medical skills such as physiotherapy or radiology.Five-year age groups are usual but, of course, other groupings could be used.Compared with shifting coalitions of Independent councillors, party groupings can make for coherent policy planning and administration.These mostly reflected the emergence and subsequent disappearance of various political groupings and parties.Initially, you might discern the larger category of three different word groupings.political/social/economic etc groupingThe family is a basic social grouping, and it has an all pervading influence over its members.Hierarchical ranking operated within each social grouping as well as between members of different groups.Up to the late 1960s, catholic nationalists were split between two main political groupings.Last night political groupings which had been silent during the Prince's official visit resumed activity.In the meantime, what are the natural levels of social grouping for other animal species?These are the ten basic types of social grouping.The political tension, both between the king and heir and between the political groupings, rose rapidly.These mostly reflected the emergence and subsequent disappearance of various political groupings and parties.