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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbipartisanbi‧par‧ti‧san /ˌbaɪpɑːtɪˈzæn $ baɪˈpɑːrtɪzən/ adjective  PPGinvolving two political parties, especially parties with opposing views a bipartisan committee
Examples from the Corpus
bipartisana bipartisan agreement to balance the federal budgetIn Congress there have been bipartisan allegations of a Pentagon cover-up.One piece of legislation that has gained momentum amid the concern about workers is a bipartisan bill sponsored by Sen.Y., who is chairman of the bipartisan commission.It also has received bipartisan congressional support.Clinton said he offered the deal as a sign of bipartisan cooperation.Kentucky last had a bipartisan ruling coalition in 1920.Perhaps, when the shouting from snake oil salesmen subsides, our leaders will find a way to forge a bipartisan solution.Almost all those provisions command bipartisan support.