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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoalitionco‧a‧li‧tion /ˌkəʊəˈlɪʃən $ ˌkoʊə-/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]PGPP a union of two or more political parties that allows them to form a government or fight an election togethercoalition of a coalition of democratic forces the centre-right coalition government an emergency meeting of the three coalition parties2 [countable]GROUP OF PEOPLE a group of people who join together to achieve a particular purpose, usually a political onecoalition of a coalition of environmental groups3 [uncountable]PPG a process in which two or more political parties or groups join together He hoped to convert his party members to a belief in coalition.in coalition with somebody He was working in coalition with other Unionist leaders.COLLOCATIONSverbsform a coalitionThe Social Democrats rejected their offer to form a coalition.join a coalitionThe Greens of Slovenia agreed to join the coalition led by the Liberal Democratic party.lead/head a coalitionThe coalition was led by the Christian Democrats and the Socialists.a coalition collapses/breaks upAustria's ruling government coalition collapsed.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + coalition the ruling/governing coalitionThe March elections may weaken the ruling coalition.the opposition coalition (=forming an opposition party to the government)The opposition coalition's strength increased from 37 to 53 seats.a political coalitiona political coalition of centre partiesa two-party/three-party etc coalitionThe composition of the three-party coalition remains unchanged.a left-wing/right-wing etc coalitionThe left-wing coalition was led by the former guerrilla movement.coalition + NOUNa coalition governmentThere is little enthusiasm among voters for a coalition government.a coalition partnerThere were fundamental differences between the two main coalition partners.a coalition memberSome coalition members are unhappy with the proposal.a coalition partyThe treaty required the backing of both governing coalition parties.
Examples from the Corpus
coalitionNo, they found themselves forced to say to the world, we are not a revolution, we are a coalition.the California Coalition for Immigrant RightsBecause, they argued, the males in coalitions were almost always close relatives, kin selection enhanced the benefits of cooperation.a three-party coalitionA powerful coalition of committed advocates will, in this way, emerge out of those modest coalitions that exist today.Community leaders hope to form a health-care reform coalition.Several coalition partners who hold important ministerial portfolios have dug in their heels.Originally, the coalition planned its own march in Sacramento.This coalition collapsed, however, and a new government was formed in September 1988.There they eventually led to coalition governments.A similar Flosse-Vernaudon coalition in 1982 had lasted only 110 days.coalition governmentHence the need for a coalition government in Moscow that would have the credibility which Mr Gorbachev's jaded administration now lacks.Even if Netanyahu is not indicted, his coalition government could be in danger of losing partners' support.The party, which is part of the national coalition government, won 29 % in last year's general election.They blamed the republic's nationalistic coalition government for the slide into civil strife.The first step towards understanding the crisis of 1931 is to distinguish between different types of coalition government.Up to a point, Netanyahu and his putative coalition government will be bound by deals signed by their predecessors.Jan P. Syse, the Conservative Party leader, will then put together a centre-right coalition government.Italy's coalition government collapsed in March.That's why it was abolished at the insistence of Labour Ministers who served in the coalition government during the war.in coalition with somebodyHe, and the leaders of the extremist parties in coalition with him, are motivated primarily by ideology.