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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhegemonyhe‧gem‧o‧ny /hɪˈɡeməni, ˈhedʒəməni $ hɪˈdʒeməni, ˈhedʒəmoʊni/ noun [uncountable] formal  PPGa situation in which one state or country controls others
Examples from the Corpus
hegemonyWithout this continuing endorsement Gloucester could not have maintained so wide a hegemony.For the single greatest cultural movement of the twentieth century is the rise and global hegemony of black music.The mythical value of the siege for the construction of protestant - loyalist hegemony should not be underrated.Are we always to be part of the Ankh-Morpork hegemony?The geography of Boiotia might to a shallow observer seem to suit her for naval hegemony.These conditions include theories of pedagogy and practices of hegemony that help to determine the meanings of literacy for particular practitioners.What we have encountered is a much more unstable hegemony, which was successfully challenged by competing groups.