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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishliberallib‧e‧ral1 /ˈlɪbərəl/ ●○○ AWL adjective  1 STRICTwilling to understand and respect other people’s ideas, opinions, and feelings a more liberal attitude towards sexuality I had quite liberal parents.2 PPsupporting or allowing gradual political and social changes opp conservative a more liberal policy on issues of crime and punishment3 allowing people or organizations a lot of political or economic freedomliberal state/society/democracy etc4 LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTgenerous or given in large amounts a liberal supply of drinksliberal with If only they were as liberal with their cash. liberally5 EXACTnot exact a liberal interpretation of the original play6 liberal education
Examples from the Corpus
liberalMy parents are broadminded, liberal and understanding to the extent that I probably could never match.While the Cold War period was dominated by realism, liberal approaches continued to be developed.Pius remained implacably opposed to the assumptions of liberal bourgeois civilization.Some liberal Democrats want to introduce stricter price controls.liberal immigration policiesa liberal interpretation of the original playLast year, Working Assets distributed $ 2. 15 million to 36 liberal non-profits, as earmarked by individual customers.I was fortunate enough to have very liberal parents.Firmly distanced from the levers of power, the liberal parties were unable to carry conviction among their potential constituents.In order to reveal these foundations we must therefore examine the main tenets of conservative and liberal political thought.In the 1840s, President Herrera promoted a policy of gradual liberal reform in Mexico.The Monopolies Commission took the line that the benefits of a more liberal regime outweighed any drawbacks.In a liberal society you may have the right to express your own beliefs, but not necessarily to cause offence to other people.If its people called you a liberal subversive in the pay of effete capitalist Western powers it was regarded as fair comment.a liberal view of homosexualityHe has quite liberal views for someone of his generation.liberal state/society/democracy etcBritain is at a nadir in its history as a liberal democracy.So came what I am calling the liberal state.Synods were not like the parliaments of liberal democracies.These rights to additional forms of participation and opposition in the political process seem an essential element of a liberal democracy.In any liberal democracy a mobilization of bias is cumulatively created by the outcomes of political and social conflicts.Yet in a liberal democracy, such a declaration can not easily be made; indeed the opposite must be proclaimed.Classical elite theorists had sought to show that liberal democracy was a utopian ideal incapable of realization.liberal interpretationThese conclusions have led revisionists to cast doubt on three of the assumptions underlying the liberal interpretation.The middle classes According to the liberal interpretation, as we have seen, such liberalization was under way.It is notable too that this liberal interpretation is proposed by the jurist, and merely adopted from him by the emperor.The traditional liberal interpretation is rooted in an approach to history fundamentally at odds with that of Soviet historiography.Yet the liberal interpretation of divorce laws appears to have led to the alarming trends already observed.This, of course, relies on a liberal interpretation of the coins from Barton Farm.