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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmonarchistmon‧arch‧ist /ˈmɒnəkɪst $ ˈmɑːnər-/ noun [countable]  PPGsomeone who supports the idea that their country should be ruled by a king or queen
Examples from the Corpus
monarchistHe was howled down by monarchists of right and left, and the house switched its attention to another speaker.Whether that will arouse great controversy among any but the most convinced monarchists is doubtful.Much of our political life is founded upon assumptions grounded in our monarchist heritage.The discontent of the monarchists and Falangists was as nothing by comparison with the rage felt by the regime's left-wing opponents.His political views were closely akin to those of the monarchists, and he ran into immediate opposition ii, Congress.By the beginning of 1941 it was the monarchist lobby which seemed most in need of this reminder.The monarchists and conservatives claimed that all national and public figures and their acts should always be subject to scrutiny and criticism.The monarchists, therefore, decided to turn their support to the Santanistas in an effort to regain control.