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nationalistnationalist2 noun [countable] 🔊 🔊 1 SANPPGsomeone who is involved in trying to gain or keep political independence for their country and people 🔊 Welsh nationalists2 someone who believes their country is bestpatriot
Examples from the Corpus
nationalistIs Brian Moore a patriot or a nationalist?His father was a nationalist during the civil war.Then one of her aides came along and must have thought from the name Adams that I was a nationalist.The balance of Dungannon, despite two SinnFein gains, remains 11-11 between Unionists and nationalists.Overall, these groups include ethnic minorities, ethnic nationalists, indigenous groups, inter-communal contenders, and militant sects.Indian nationalists finally won independence for their country in 1947.A prime minister who sought to push an unpopular agreement through was assassinated but a religious nationalist in March 1951.Serbian nationalistsHe was relatively honest and a sincere nationalist.