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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparty politicsˌparty ˈpolitics noun [uncountable]  PPGactivities that are concerned with getting support for one political party in a country The decision was influenced by party politics.
Examples from the Corpus
party politicsThe extreme social and economic difficulties they faced on independence meant that the emergence of recognizably democratic party politics was by no means certain.There is a hundred things to single you out for promotion in party politics besides ability.Their loyalty was therefore to some profounder vision of Britain than that expressed in mere party politics.This is not a matter of party politics or personalities or policies or even principles.The view is still quite widespread that local government is about local issues and that party politics should not intrude.The glaring exception relates to party politics.It was not until 1973 that he gave up party politics for good.Was party politics the best way up the ladder of fame?