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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpro-choiceˌpro-ˈchoice adjective  PPGsomeone who is pro-choice believes that women have a right to have an abortionpro-life the pro-choice lobby
Examples from the Corpus
pro-choicepro-choice activistsHe is wrong, they argue, in considering a pro-choice advocate for vice president.He denied allegations that a threatened boycott of Idaho potatoes by pro-choice advocates had influenced his decision to veto the bill.Republicans have a fractious debate led by pro-choice governors, including California Gov.So the process continues: pro-choice members of Congress hoped to pass legislation incorporating clearer statutory rights to abortion.He will guard against any tampering with the anti-abortion plank and reject any pro-choice possibilities on the ticket.A pro-choice president now stands guard over abortion rights.Throughout the 1992 election campaign, it became quite clear just how vehemently abortion opponents feared the coming of a pro-choice president.Dole is anti-abortion, while Wilson is a leader among pro-choice Republicans.