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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrebelreb‧el1 /ˈrebəl/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 PPGsomeone who opposes or fights against people in authority Anti-government rebels attacked the town.rebel forces/soldiers the rebel leader2 DISOBEYsomeone who refuses to do things in the normal way, or in the way that other people want them to Alex has always been a bit of a rebel.
Examples from the Corpus
rebelrebel soldiersShe was a rebel, who horrified her family by rejecting a promising career in law to become an actor.Anti-government rebels have seized the radio station.The house churches are not natural rebels, and only want to be left alone.A large number of rebels escaped to the east as the army closed in on Jaffra.That extreme, impolitic candor was one of the characteristics that made Rice a perfect rebel and a considerably less perfect leader.a teenage rebelThis not only altered the strategic military balance in favour of the rebels, it also gave them an important psychological boost.This was construed by some to mean that the rebels were planning attacks against these facilities.Or inside the fences with the rebels?The rebel cavalry were on the left of the second line.The rebels attacked an airfield, exchanging fire with Russian troops.In his black leather jacket and chains he looked every inch the young rebel.rebel forces/soldiersAs many as 200 civilians and an unknown number of military personnel died during heavy fighting between government and rebel forces.The men and women I had known as rebel soldiers in the mountains now wore suits.As rebel forces loyal to Nabiyev approached the capital, a state of emergency was imposed on Oct. 22.Krayon's palace has been taken over by rebel forces and we are in the midst of this mix.With a glass, the rebel soldiers... could be distinctly seen.Three of the rebel soldiers and one government soldier were killed.A problem deserving consideration is how strong the rebel forces actually were.The rebel soldiers were imprisoned and taken to Lisbon.