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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrebellionre‧bel‧lion /rɪˈbeljən/ ●●○ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 PPGPMan organized attempt to change the government or leader of a country, using violencecoup, revolution an armed rebellionrebellion against a rebellion against the military regimein rebellion The Bretons rose in rebellion against the King.suppress/crush a rebellion (=use violence to stop it)see thesaurus at revolution2 DISOBEYwhen someone opposes or fights against people in authority or ideas which they do not agree with a rebellion by right-wing members of the partyrebellion against rebellion against traditional valuesCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + rebellionarmed rebellionThis injustice has produced armed rebellion.open rebellion (=rebellion that is clear and not hidden)Algiers was in open rebellion.a military rebellion/an army rebellionMarlborough considered leading a military rebellion against the new king.verbsa rebellion breaks out (=starts)While he was away, a rebellion broke out in Aquitaine.people rise in rebellion (=start rebelling)The peasants rose in rebellion.lead a rebellionHe led a peasant rebellion against Catherine the Great.suppress/crush/put down a rebellion (=end it by force)Troops moved in to suppress the rebellion.stage a rebellion (=organize it)Farmers who opposed the tax staged a rebellion that forced Washington to back down.
Examples from the Corpus
rebellionTroops were used to put down a rebellion and arrest hundreds of protestors.Government officials feared a rebellion by right-wing members of the party.Marrying Changez would be, in her mind, a rebellion against rebellion, creative novelty itself.an unsuccessful attempt to mount a rebellion against British ruleA rebel army of political dissidents had staged a rebellion in December 1989.Threats of an armed rebellion caused tightened security measures across the country.an armed rebellion against the governmentThe citizens of Kwangju rose in rebellion against the oppressive regime.The Duke of Ormond led a military rebellion against the new king.If the government would not prevent such acts of rebellion, then the loyalists would take action themselves.There had been no quietly sprouting seeds of rebellion at Por Tanssie; of that he was sure.As it might be, the little kingdom which is Harry Kirkpatrick was subject to an insurrection, or rebellion.Thus ideas and principles are taken over, redefined, and reapplied in order to structure and manage discontent and political rebellion.In 1968, a student rebellion in Paris sparked off a nationwide general strike.The army was brought in to crush the rebellion.The rebellion spread quickly through the Western Provinces.The rebellion started in Kilalla and spread quickly through the Western provinces.The rebellion was crushed by an army assault in which over 200 people died.Turning rebellion into money, eh?And though she recognized that some of it was rebellion at the hours of inactivity, she could not ignore her bladder.rebellion againsta rebellion against the military regimea clear rebellion against parental controlEvans' pictures reflect his rebellion against the styles of other popular photographers.