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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrevoltre‧volt1 /rɪˈvəʊlt $ -ˈvoʊlt/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 DISOBEYa refusal to accept someone’s authority or obey rules or laws syn rebellion The prime minister is now facing a revolt by members of his own party.revolt against a revolt against authorityrevolt over a revolt over the proposed spending cutsin revolt French farmers are in revolt over cheap imports.see thesaurus at revolution2 PPGPMstrong and often violent action by a lot of people against their ruler or government syn rebellion, → revolution the Polish revolt of 1863revolt against a revolt against the central governmentrevolt of the successful revolt of the American coloniesput down/crush a revolt (=use military force to stop it) Troops loyal to the president crushed the revolt.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: strong and often violent action by a lot of people against their ruler or governmentverbsa revolt breaks out (=starts)In 1821 revolts broke out in Moldavia and Wallachia.people rise in revolt (=start to take part in a revolt)At a word from Gandhi, India would have risen in revolt.lead a revoltHe led a revolt against Constantine and acclaimed Maximus as emperor.suppress/crush/put down a revolt (=end it by force)The Russians speedily crushed the revolt.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + revolta peasant revolt (=by people who work on farms)This was the best-known peasant revolt in Soviet history.a popular revolt (=one involving a lot of ordinary people)Opposition groups had called for a popular revolt against the president.open revolt (=not hidden or secret)She faced open revolt from her Cabinet colleagues.armed revolt (=one in which weapons are used)Somalis living just across the Ethiopian border rose up in armed revolt.
Examples from the Corpus
revoltOnly a matter of time until he leads a revolt of angels..Instead townspeople speak of Maan's glorious role in sparking another great rebellion, the Arab revolt against the Ottomans.Mayhew's remarks represented the first American call for revolt against England.At a word from Ghandi, India would have risen in revolt.The inevitable revolt shows only too plainly the helplessness of the seamen against the power of authority.There was open talk of revolt in sections of her party.In 1880, a peasant revolt swept the country in protest at the tax on salt.But as Lucy Re-Bartlett asserted, chastity was part of women's revolt against false social conditions.The Confederate government provided troops to suppress slave revolts.When Wittikind and his warriors capitulated, the revolt began to collapse.Army forces crushed the revolt, forcing many to flee the country.Herrera knew that if his government failed to put down the revolt, it would spread to outlying areas.A politicisation of the thinking classes has taken place in the Thatcher years, echoing the revolt of intelligence in the 1930s.Louverture headed the revolt of the slaves in the French colony of San Domingo.in revoltThe whole city is in revolt about the new curfew.