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revolutionaryrevolutionary2 AWL noun (plural revolutionaries) [countable]  PPGsomeone who joins in or supports a political or social revolutionrebel a band of young revolutionaries
Examples from the Corpus
revolutionaryWomen participate, not as feminists, but as revolutionaries to free ourselves from exploitation.He checked out a book that contained police pictures of revolutionaries.He had become a professional revolutionary.They think they're revolutionaries, but they're nothing but common criminals.Writers and filmmakers were no longer required to portray heroes as shining revolutionaries and villains as agents of the Saigon regime.Having taken control of the capital city, the revolutionaries proceeded to form a new government.With each decade the revolutionaries became more and more concerned with efficiency.In the late nineties when workers showed excessive interest in bread-and-butter issues, the revolutionaries denounced their petty-bourgeois, trade-unionist mentality.Garcia Gutierrez wrote two plays with revolutionaries as their heroes.