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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubcommitteesub‧com‧mit‧tee /ˈsʌbkəˌmɪti/ noun [countable]  PPGGROUP OF PEOPLEa small group formed from a committee to deal with a particular subject in more detail
Examples from the Corpus
subcommitteeEssentially, council subcommittee recommendations formulated the week of September 17 were accepted without question by the full council five days later.In furtherance of these aims he represents the Modular Course on the Academic Board and its subcommittees.The three new subcommittees each met in Panmunjom, but none of them produced any significant progress.A Senate foreign relations subcommittee was due to work in tandem with a task force drawn from the House.A special subcommittee is expected to meet later this month to begin discussing potential sites for the sculpture.But the man who chaired the subcommittee says he now disputes the findings.But Democrats flatly denied that the subcommittee already had unanimously agreed to recommend a reprimand.Clair F.. Gill testified before the two subcommittees.