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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubversionsub‧ver‧sion /səbˈvɜːʃən $ -ˈvɜːrʒən/ noun [uncountable]  PPGREBELLION/REVOLUTIONsecret activities that are intended to damage or destroy the power or influence of a government or established system Murray was jailed for subversion.
Examples from the Corpus
subversionFears of revolution and subversion were widely held in 1880.Nor is subversion the ruse of power.After one court trial and numerous skirmishes, Williams was accused of subversion a second time in 1635.Central to Greenblatt's readings is the argument of subversion and containment.Seventeen people were convicted of subversion following a coup attempt.When that happens they will tend to implement the decision without rancour or subversion.Many defectors provided the McCarthy committees with evidence of political subversion.The only freedoms of the truly enslaved are subtle subversion and private dissent.And the relevance of Northern Ireland to the subversion of democracy in Britain remains mystified.Up in the shanty towns subversion ruled.