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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuffragettesuf‧fra‧gette /ˌsʌfrəˈdʒet/ noun [countable]  PPGa woman who tried to gain the right to vote for women, especially as a member of a group in Britain or the US in the early 20th century
Examples from the Corpus
suffragetteSix months later she went to prison as a suffragette, having lied about her age and enrolled as a militant.The presiding jury claimed they had not chosen her, as she alleged, but Elina Guimaraes, an 84-year-old former suffragette.As a leading suffragette, she endured the first of two spells in Holloway gaol in 1907.It was in that year that female suffrage was being widely advocated and the militant suffragettes made their appearance.People asked her, significantly in that suffragette period, if the initials stood for New Women's Movement.She incited a crowd to riot, and was said to be behind the suffragette burning of Leuchars Station.However, what differentiated the suffragettes much more sharply and significantly from their criminal sisters was their resistance to criminalising.