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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaftershaveaf‧ter‧shave /ˈɑːftəʃeɪv $ ˈæftər-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DCBa liquid with a nice smell that a man puts on his face after he has shaved
Examples from the Corpus
aftershaveAn aftershave bottle spilled its contents and Scott inhaled the aroma momentarily before stepping back.But lately he'd been concealing this whiff with his favourite aftershave, Rampage.We have accountants, and we have men who smell of industrial aftershave who call themselves our financial advisers.All right, I know that one of us will get the inevitable bottle of aftershave, or talcum powder.He was shaved and smelled of aftershave, his hair combed back.I wear a tang of aftershave and a clean shirt.It was a bit unnerving at first and the lining stank of old aftershave.Ralph Lauren's Polo aftershave came galloping into the kitchen, followed shortly by a now fully clothed Lee.