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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarbershopbar‧ber‧shop /ˈbɑːbəʃɒp $ ˈbɑːrbərʃɑːp/ noun  1 APM[uncountable] a style of singing popular songs with parts for four men, usually without music a barbershop quartet2 [countable] American EnglishDCBSHOP/STORE a shop where men’s hair is cut syn barber’s British English
Examples from the Corpus
barbershopRosales stopped at a barbershop in downtown Glendale, a suburb west of Phoenix.I have joined a barbershop group, I go swimming and walking, I even collected this week for Barnado's.A Dixieland band and barbershop quartet will entertain them.Basilio, whose busted face was on the front page of every pinned-up sports section in every barbershop in the city.We had barbershops, garages, and markets.Williams and his three brothers became professionals on local radio stations, singing barbershop harmonies.Access to public services and facilities like restaurants, theaters, barbershops, and swimming pools was routinely denied them.