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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeauty salonˈbeauty ˌsalon / $ ˈ...ˌ./ (also beauty shop American English) noun [countable]  DCBSHOP/STOREa place where you can receive treatments for your skin, hair, nails etc to make you look more attractive
Examples from the Corpus
beauty salonIt is also worth going along to a beauty salon a month or so in advance to have your make-up done.Comfortable public rooms include a bar, restaurant, lounge and beauty salon.Ask for Tuenda treatment and homecare products at your Depilex Appointed beauty salon.I noticed it only because part of the mixture involved a large quantity of my expensive beauty salon shampoo.Have your eyelashes dyed at a local beauty salon and then you can simply forget about them all summer.Gymnasium, sauna, steam room, beauty salon, indoor pool.