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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoiffurecoif‧fure /kwɑːˈfjʊə $ -ˈfjʊr/ noun [countable]  formalDCB the way someone’s hair is arranged syn hairstylecoiffured, coiffed /kwɑːft/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
coiffurePassing by pedestrians in their Sunday best, I caught wafts of perfume and coiffure.She'd arrived in the sidecar of Miss Brahms's current beau and her coiffure had suffered terrible punishment as a result.Jasper had not called his hair his coiffure.Now Jezrael saw that Zulei had taken a short blade from the coiffure.Spectacular real furs and overworked multi-tone coiffures survive in profusion.This masculinity was emphasised by her uncompromising coiffure, her grey hair drawn tightly back and screwed into a straggling bun.