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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcologneco‧logne /kəˈləʊn $ -ˈloʊn/ (also eau de cologne) noun [uncountable]  DCBa liquid that smells slightly of flowers or plants, that you put on your neck or wristsperfume
Examples from the Corpus
cologneYou acquire gravitas and project it like a cologne whenever you discuss the singular and laudable Salomon Brothers culture.Finally, I donned a pair of pants, tunic top, sandals, and cologne.Nothing but cologne, something discreet and lemony.His cologne reads subdued but intense sensuality.Even if she'd dabbed Mummy's eyes and wiped her brow with a hanky soaked in cologne.He was so near her that she could smell his cool lemony cologne.What you smell good is my cologne.He had shaved too, and the crisp scent of cologne mingled with the fresh fragrance of the soap he had used.