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combcomb2 ●●● S3 verb [transitive]  1 DCBto make hair look tidy using a comb Melanie ran upstairs to comb her hair.2 LOOK FORto search a place thoroughlycomb something for somebody/something Police are still combing the woods for the missing boy. comb something ↔ out comb through something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
combHis blond hair was neatly combed.It has no elasticity, is brittle and breaks easily when brushed or combed.There was no way I could search the entire house, but I could certainly comb a couple of places.Never before have we been so potent, not even in New York when we were combing nurses out of our hair.She had not combed out her hair.Tugboats and helicopters combed the area before the body was finally found.Hours later, police were still combing the blood-smeared lobby for evidence.Police and volunteers are combing the countryside in the hope of finding the missing boy.Rescuers combed the hillsides but found no trace of the missing climbers.The children combed the shoreline for shells.Let him see the hand go through the hair, as if combing the wetness out.Oh, yes, I comb their hair and, when I am finished, I sing to them.After applying, comb through to ensure even distribution and leave for a minimum of three minutes.comb ... hairNever brush your hair when wet; instead use a wide-tooth comb.She eats another nut, and needlessly, absently, combs her hair.They ate steak pudding with exceptional appetite and, when everything was cleared away, Melanie ran upstairs to comb her hair.Still I used it to comb my hair and reset my tie.He had just enough time to comb his hair before the doorbell sounded.He wore his carefully combed wavy hair, dark brown with tinges of gray, rather long.She was combing her hair, her face reflected in the mirror sheet of beaten gold.comb something for somebody/somethingPolice combed the forest for clues.