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conditioncondition2 verb  1 [transitive]TEACH to make a person or an animal think or behave in a certain way by influencing or training them over a period of timeconditioning People are conditioned by society.condition somebody to do something Many women are conditioned from birth to be accepting rather than questioning.2 [transitive] formalDEPEND/IT DEPENDS to control or decide the way in which something can happen or exist syn determine What I buy is conditioned by the amount I earn.3 [intransitive, transitive]DCB to keep hair or skin healthy by putting a special liquid on itconditioner a shampoo that washes and conditions all in one→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
conditionThe filtered beer is tank conditioned, but the greater part of output has a secondary fermentation in the bottle.Elders are not passive objects merely conditioned by stimuli from society or their body.Village life and the peasant outlook were conditioned by the administrative arrangements adopted at Emancipation.The people have been conditioned into thinking that anyone from outside their community represents a threat to them.The administration has conditioned its support for the new laws.He was conditioned to obey his father at all times.This shampoo conditions your hair and makes it smell great.