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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcosmeticcos‧met‧ic /kɒzˈmetɪk $ kɑːz-/ adjective  1 APPEARANCEdealing with the outside appearance rather than the important part of something syn superficial We’re making a few cosmetic changes to the house before we sell it. Many MPs denounced the resolution as a cosmetic exercise (=something which will look good, but have no real effect).2 DCBintended to make your hair, skin, body etc look more attractive the cosmetics industry cosmetic products Are you on the diet for health or cosmetic reasons?
Examples from the Corpus
cosmeticEmbalming is a sanitary, cosmetic, and preservative process through which the body is prepared for interment.In instances where a flare-up of the disease later attenuated earlier cosmetic benefits, patients became skeptical of surgery.In the event, Wilson opted for the cosmetic exercise, but no one could foretell this in February 1974.She refuses to be part of the general cosmetic industry hype.Hirsutism is a less frequent side effect that may be a cosmetic problem in females.80% of women who have surgery to enlarge their breasts do it for cosmetic reasons.The house needs no structural work, just a few cosmetic repairs.Early regular mobilisation of the prepuce after surgery ensures an excellent functional and cosmetic result.Yet we do what we always do when confronted with a challenge: Lunge for a quick, easy and cosmetic solution.a cosmetic spongecosmetic exerciseDoes the Minister agree that that reform package was merely a cosmetic exercise?Many foreign commentators, however, described the lifting of martial law as a cosmetic exercise.In the event, Wilson opted for the cosmetic exercise, but no one could foretell this in February 1974.It was said she wanted to play no part in a cosmetic exercise designed to put a happy face on the marriage.