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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcosmeticscos‧met‧ics /kɒzˈmetɪks $ kɑːz-/ ●○○ noun [plural]  DCBcreams, powders etc that you use on your face and body in order to look more attractivemake-up a range of cosmetics and toiletries
Examples from the Corpus
cosmeticsSpices had many uses - in good preparation and the manufacture of incense and cosmetics.Consumer products, especially cosmetics and detergents, generally performed better than industrial and professional markets, both for detergents and food.People with acne problems should look for oil-free cosmetics.The skin colouring is restored by the use of cosmetics, and the hair shampooed and set.Gamble makes Cover Girl, the best-selling cosmetics brand in the United States.the cosmetics industryToday it has a pip in almost every pie from computers to cosmetics.The improvements to the subway system we plan are critical - they have nothing to do with cosmetics.