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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgripgrip1 /ɡrɪp/ ●●○ noun  1 firm hold [countable usually singular]HOLD the way you hold something tightly, or your ability to do this Hold the microphone in a firm grip and keep it still. She felt her wrist caught in a vice-like grip. Don’t loosen your grip on the rope or you’ll fall. He released his grip and stepped back.2 power [singular]CONTROL power and control over someone or somethinghave/keep a grip on something Stalin’s determination to keep an iron grip on Eastern Europetighten/loosen/relax your grip (on something) By 1979 South Africa was tightening its grip on Namibia.tight/firm/strong/iron etc grip The recession could be avoided if business keeps a firm grip on its costs.3 understanding [singular] an understanding of somethinghave/get a grip on something I’m just trying to get a grip on what’s happening. She was losing her grip on reality.4 come/get to grips with something5 lose your grip6 get/take a grip on yourself7 get a grip8 be in the grip of something9 stop something slipping a) [countable]STICK a special part of a handle that has a rough surface so that you can hold it firmly without it slipping My racquet needs a new grip. b) [singular, uncountable]STICK the ability of something to stay on a surface without slipping boots which give a good grip10 for hair [countable] British EnglishDCB a hairgrip11 cameraman [countable] technicalBOAM someone whose job is to move the cameras around while a television show or film is being made12 bag [countable] old-fashionedDLT a bag or case used for travellingCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa firm/tight gripThe streets were crowded and she kept a tight grip on her bag.a strong gripMaggie took the boy's arm in a strong grip.a good grip (=a grip with which you can keep hold of something)The rocks were wet and slippery and it was difficult to get a good grip.an iron/vice-like grip (=a very strong grip)Victor took hold of her wrist in an iron grip.verbshave a gripYou need to have a good grip on your tennis racket.get a grip (=hold something that is hard to hold firmly)I got a good grip on the rope and pulled myself up.take a gripMitch took a firm grip on her arm.tighten your grip/your grip tightens (=hold something more tightly)She tightened her grip on her son’s hand.loosen/relax your grip (=hold something less tightly)Lee loosened his grip on the dog’s collar.release your grip (=let go of something)The guard released his grip on the prisoner and pushed him into the cell.lose your grip (=accidentally let go of something)He shoved Higgins out of the way without losing his grip on the gun.
Examples from the Corpus
gripThe policeman had a firm grip on my arm.It's hard to get a good grip on this box.If you're going rock-climbing, make sure you wear shoes that will give you a good grip.These tires assure good grip and a quiet, steady ride.I had made loops to go over her wrists, I told her, so that she wouldn't lose her grip.She looked anxious and tightened her grip on her shoulder bag.You could yell once he had his grip in.Niyazov does not appear to be losing his grip.His arm shook and he tightened his grip on the stock of the rifle to still it.The bureaucratic swamp soon recovered its grip.I lost my grip on the branch, and fell out of the tree.This pen has a rubber grip for your fingers.The pre-tax figure was above City expectations and gave evidence that the bank is finally coming to grips with its bad-debt problem.They were so keen to get to grips with the enemy that they disregarded much of the training in stealth and guile.The throttle twist grip on the end of the collective stick has to be coordinated with the up and down movements.To play this shot, you need to change your grip on the racquet slightly.Squeeze a tennis ball regularly to improve your grip.released ... gripEmilia sighed and released her grip.For a split second, Constance failed to realise that he had released his grip on her.Virginia Stillman released her grip on the chair and put her right hand under her chin.Benton, in his terror, released his grip on her waist.tight/firm/strong/iron etc gripIt is like trying to get a firm grip on a plateful of pudding.In fact, he was getting a stronger grip on himself as he went along.It's safe but you need to have a firm grip to cut a 13-amp flex.He has held a strong grip over all matters at the club, from choosing the team to financial dealings.I keep a firm grip on my hat and stare into the blustery abyss.However, Dorset took a firm grip declaring at 202-3 in 54.3 overs.I took a firm grip on the wheel as I scented some-thing.The humans had grown their winter coats, and the high buildings trembled in the tight grip of their stress equations.losing ... gripEven if front and rear wheels are losing grip, the unit favors the set with the least amount of grab.Niyazov does not appear to be losing his grip.He began a forlorn final game by losing his grip on the racket altogether.They decide to go, too, but Frank has problems manoeuvring the car, whose tyres keep losing their grip.Too many other people were involved and he felt he was losing his grip.He was losing his grip on reality.Fear often played tricks with my perception and now it seemed as if I was losing my grip of reality.