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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhaircuthair‧cut /ˈheəkʌt $ ˈher-/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 DCBwhen you have a haircut, someone cuts your hair for youhave/get a haircut I haven’t had a haircut for months!2 DCBthe style your hair is cut in Do you like my new haircut?3 take a haircut
Examples from the Corpus
haircutSheffield comes for an $ 8 haircut and conversation.It's ages since I had a haircut.Isn't it about time you had a haircut?They've got asymmetrical haircuts, wire-rimmed specs, an earring or two.He wore a wig one time, too, like a Beatles haircut.He had a punk haircut and used his right knee to drive down the middle of the road.He has a trendy haircut and wears a dangling earring, but his accent is like his father's.have/get a haircutAfterwards you stand no hope of getting back into the City. Get a haircut.He got haircuts and did other errands during weekday lunch hours.Elsewhere, Nigel Lythgoe got a haircut.There was nothing more that he could do, so he drove into Benghazi to get a haircut.As the ultimate luxury, hairdressers Molton Brown have created a men-only salon for boys to get a haircut in peace!Heaven knows you all but need proof of insurance these days to get a haircut.I was planning to finish work early today, get a haircut and maybe do some shopping.First day home he would get a haircut and a shave.