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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhairdohair‧do /ˈheəduː $ ˈher-/ noun (plural hairdos) [countable]  informalDCB the style in which someone’s hair is cut or shaped syn hairstyle
Examples from the Corpus
hairdoHer ambitious hairdo curved and swirled like a Henry Moore sculpture.Many films of my youth were viewed on either side of bouffant and beehive hairdos which filled the centre of the screen.With her bouffant hairdo, elaborate plumage, gushing charm and bright smile she is a caricature of a countess.The ladies have hairdos, trendies have cuts.I landed between two women in their sixties with nearly identical hairdos.Minitel is a creature of the 80s and now seems as dated as mullet hairdos and Bananarama.Did she have a new hairdo?