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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhairpinhair‧pin /ˈheəˌpɪn $ ˈher-/ noun [countable]  DCBa pin made of wire bent into a U-shape to hold long hair in position
Examples from the Corpus
hairpinThe taxi banked into a hairpin turn that squeezed them together, the pressure from her increasing by her own will.It is a hairpin turn along a treacherous route.Much jewellery, especially gemstones and hairpins, was itself used as a vehicle for portraiture.Both feature hairpin curves and one-lane tunnels.She dealt with a stray wisp of grey hair and pushed her hairpins firmly into place.From that jumping-off point, the plot hits hairpin turns, sudden cliff drops and delirious loops of logic and technology.As the riders struggle up through the hairpins, you can hear the screams of encouragement from below.The relationship to the hairpin vortices described above is not wholly clear.