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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpatepate /peɪt/ noun [countable] old use  DCBthe top of your head his bald pate
Examples from the Corpus
pateOriginally a pate was a meat mixture baked in a pastry crust.Princes has introduced a new veggie range of spreads and pates.Bald pates glowed; eyeglasses glistened.A good pate should contain at least one-third fat; otherwise it tends to be dry and tough.His pate was bald, encircled by a monk-like fringe of hair.The problem is that religion delivered as a sound bite is sort of like pate from a drive-through window.There were crisp fresh rolls, smoked fish and swimming olives, two kinds of pate and chilled Sancerre.The eyes had sunken in and the skull was showing through the thinning hair of the pate.