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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishperoxideper‧ox‧ide /pəˈrɒksaɪd $ -ˈrɑːk-/ noun [uncountable]  HCCDCBa liquid chemical used to make hair light in colour or to kill bacteria her waist-length peroxide blonde hair (=hair made light yellow using peroxide)
Examples from the Corpus
peroxideThey coat the hair with colour and, because they don't contain peroxide, won't dry or damage it.Ultraviolet light, hydrogen peroxide and ozone assure crystal-clear, clean water.Thus inhibition of this enzyme may result in the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide with subsequent oxidation of lipids.A biochemist colleague has kindly provided me with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and enough hydroquinone for 50 bombardier beetles.This method is used for the reactions of metals and acids and the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.The variability of patterns resulting from the use of different volumes of hydrogen peroxide also argued against further use of this technique.Abrasions are sprayed with hydrogen peroxide.The measured seasonal variations of peroxide and ozone in clean air at Cape Grim during the experiment are contrasted in Fig. 4.